Update inventory (v0.0.3)

Command that will update a given inventory item

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The UpdateInventory command is issued to update the existing stock levels of a product in the inventory. This command is used by the inventory management system to adjust the quantity of products available in the warehouse or store, either by increasing or decreasing the current stock levels.

Architecture diagram

Payload example

Payload example
"productId": "789e1234-b56c-78d9-e012-3456789fghij",
"quantityChange": -10,
"warehouseId": "456e7891-c23d-45f6-b78a-123456789abc",
"timestamp": "2024-07-04T14:48:00Z"

Schema (JSON schema)

{ "$schema": "http://json-schema.org/draft-07/schema#", "title": "UpdateInventoryCommand", "type": "object", "properties": { "productId": { "type": "string", "format": "uuid", "description": "The unique identifier of the product whose inventory is being updated." }, "quantityChange": { "type": "integer", "description": "The change in quantity of the product in the inventory. Positive values indicate an increase, while negative values indicate a decrease." }, "warehouseId": { "type": "string", "format": "uuid", "description": "The unique identifier of the warehouse where the inventory is being updated." }, "timestamp": { "type": "string", "format": "date-time", "description": "The date and time when the inventory update occurred." } }, "required": ["productId", "quantityChange", "warehouseId", "timestamp"], "additionalProperties": false }